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Ace N the Hole(719-274-3220)
Balcomb Frances(719-672-3559)
Barr Todd(719-274-5550)
Bassett Marge(719-274-5475)
Bassett Ron(719-274-5475)
Broyles Harry(719-274-5938)
Carter J B(719-672-4431)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day S(719-274-5171)
Crowther Jesse(719-274-5285)
Crowther Les(719-274-4211)
Crowther Luella(719-274-5470)
Crowther Mack(719-274-5470)
Crowther Robert G(719-274-5406)
Crowther Sheri(719-274-4211)
Crowther Teri(719-274-4442)
Crowther Warren(719-274-4442)
Depriest Wayne(719-274-5755)
Espinoza Arthur(719-274-4155)
Espinoza Samuel A(719-274-5693)
Esquibel Rudy(719-672-4191)
Faucette David(719-206-2770)
Faucette Francis(719-274-5695)
Finehout John(719-274-0207)
Fleming M H(719-274-3191)
Galvez Maxine(719-274-0169)
Galvez Robert(719-274-0169)
Gomez Darlene(719-274-3494)
Gomez Peter(719-274-3494)
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